Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cloud Nothings (7/11/12)

Cloud Nothings kicked off another highly anticipated year for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame's Summer in the City concert series.  Already well documented on my blog(s), this was a great way to start off this year.  Herzog opened.  Great to see, though I'm still hoping I'll get to see these guys in a more "traditional" venue sometime soon.

Herzog (7/11/012)

Cloud Nothings brought their amped up and new found respect with them to the performance.  I think the sound could have been better, otherwise they played a great set - and we were going to get to see them in a couple days at Pitckfork (as well).

Cloud Nothings (7/11/012)

Cloud Nothings (7/11/012)

Cloud Nothings (7/11/012)

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