Friday, August 5, 2011

Guilty Pleasure: Enrique Iglesias

So I thought I'd introduce a new category to the ol' Zender Agenda.  The Guilty Pleasure.  While it may not always seem like it, I try to keep things here aimed for the larger audience... but things I'm still excited to share.  Well, there are other things that I wouldn't normally share (or would at least try and mask).  In other words, things that are purely self-indulgent, and why not.

And the honor of kicking this off goes to Enrique Iglesias!  Ever since some of his early pop albums (I *loved* Not In Love), I've had a little crush on him.  Yes, I  have even seen him in concert (pre-2005, so there's no evidence on my blogs).  Everything about this video is easy on the eyes.

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