Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cold Cave / Austra (8/2/11)

I'd been touting this as the "show of the month," and even though it's still early, I think this statement will stand. This is primarily due to Austra.  The more I listen to her Feel It Break album, the more I love it.  Her quirky (but impressive) voice and great beats behind it... it's just wooed me more and more each time I play it - even though it's a bit darker of an album than I prefer.  When they took the stage, I was surprised to see so many of them, including two "Robert Palmer" girls!

Austra (8/2/11)

Awesome...  (more videos here).

At this point, I would have been happy to leave, but I knew from Pitchfork that Cold Cave would be a great show too.  They were LOUD, and dark, and totally lost in their music.  This wasn't a "chat with the audience" kind of show.  They took the stage and just punished their instruments and the speakers with their danceable and driving dark beats.  Definitely an 80's vibe, but done probably the best possible way (these days).

Of course, the room was dark and they were going non-stop on stage, which made photography hard, but possibly fun:

Cold Cave (8/2/11)

Cold Cave (8/2/11)

Unfortunately, they didn't sound as good recorded, but I'd definitely see them again.'s Cold Cave / Austra (8/2/11)'s Cold Cave / Austra (8/2/11) photoset


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