Thursday, July 8, 2010

Young Mammals / Prisoners (7/2/10)

The more time I work on this blog, the more people I get to meet... I was contacted by a promoter for this band, Young Mammals.  Along with a personal contact came a free download of the album.  As usual, that always gets my attention.  I checked them out and they sounded great.  An fresh, young sound out of Texas.

There was a dilemma however, this was the same night as my long-time favorite - Dar Williams.  I think I would have dropped Dar in a second (I've seen her enough), but then I realized I could make both shows in one night (gotta love Cleveland).

We unfortunately missed the Cloud Nothings opening, but made it in time to catch the Young Mammals.  This was Rock & Roll.  A welcomed intensity (a little more than I was expecting).  Check them out:

Young Mammals (6/2/10)

Next up was Cleveland's own Prisoners. I knew I had seen them before, but didn't realize until I searched my own blog to realize it was just at Record Store Day. They were great... another superb Cleveland rock band.

Prisoners (6/2/10)

After the show, I got to hang with the promoter (Hey Mike!) and the band. Great people... Great Bar.

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