Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Small Black (7/8/10)

Going to the Grog Shop on this night was a last minute decision, and a memorable one, though not entirely because of the music. This was the same night that LeBron chose Miami.  While some may say this was a sad night (week/year/millennia) for Cleveland, this show stands as testament to a Cleveland that I find more grounded and appealing - one that supports an amazing live music scene - and one that will never go away.  No one at this show could care less, and these were the kind of people I wanted to be around on a night like this.

Cleveland's own Dreadful Yawns opened.  I can't believe I haven't caught these guys live yet.  They sounded great and I'm looking forward to seeing them again.  Hopefully they have some new music coming out soon, but you can get some free MP3's from their page at Exit Stencil.

Dreadful Yawns (7/9/10)

Beach Fossils were up next.  These guys were a young bunch of guys.  Not bad, though I liked their self-titled album a bit more than their live show. I think with some time and refinement, these guys could be a lot of fun.

Beach Fossils (7/9/10)

Small Black ended the night with a high-energy performance in almost total darkeness, minus the multi-color glowing rods along the front of the stage (I love props).  Lots of fun, a little dance party.  Their EP is some synth-pop/rock goodness.  You should check it out.

Small Black (7/9/10)

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