Thursday, May 27, 2010

Article: Stoners Rock

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The Indie Rock Fag: Stoners Rock!
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I had some time to kill on the bus recently, and I was getting sick of iPhone tetris, so I made a mental list of the five best live Marijuana-not-crack.jpgshows I’ve ever seen. (St. Vincent, LCD Soundsystem, New Pornographers, Animal Collective, Royksopp, w/ an honorable mention for Yelle, in case you’re wondering.) And I realized that one factor united them. They came with their own fairly unique sounds, visuals and stage setups, and from different genres, but the common uniting factor is that I was baked. Like a potato. We’re talking staring at my hands, clutching a glass of water, halfway to Amsterdam stoned. These are all bands I could spend hours listening to alone in my room or on headphones, but I know that their live shows had a little something extra that made them special. But did it come from them, or from what I smoked beforehand?

Pot and music have gone hand in hand since our cave-dwelling ancestors first haphazardly threw some green leaves on a fire and muttered “Ook never before notice how pretty pteradactyls sound."

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