Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Article: Finding the Long Tail in Music

I always find stories about the state of the music industry intriguing... It's still such a volatile time for the musicians and the music business. Who knows if it will ever "settle down" or if the speed of change will remain constant.

Finding The Long Tail In Music

In the past we've had an ongoing discussion with some folks on this site concerning whether or not it's now a better time to be a musician than before the internet became central to everything music-related. We've argued that today there are more options and more opportunities for bands than ever, and that's only a good thing. It doesn't mean that every band will be a success or can make a living. That's never going to be true (and has never been true, either). Many will still fail, but there are more tools and opportunities that if you learn to embrace them, you can absolutely do much better than you ever could under the old system -- which required massive backing to become successful. It was the golden lottery ticket story of musical stardom.

[From Finding The Long Tail In Music | Techdirt]

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