Friday, May 14, 2010

Plants & Animals (5/13/10)

These poor bands... competing against the excitement, anticipation, and eventual depression of home team in dwindling through NBA Playoff game.  But they made the most of it.

Lowly, the Tree Ghost opened the show, and was able to draw some people away from the TV.  They were pretty good - dare I say better than I was expecting.  With just a little more confidence and comfortableness - they'll be excellent.  The male / female voice combo is a winner.

Lowly, the Tree Ghost (5/13/10)

Next up, the first of a double Canadian bill.  Elliott Brood dressed up for the occasion.  What a great group of guys, personable and funny... they really rocked it (with a banjo even).  I love it when bands play the same for a large audience, as they do a small one.  They were even hard to catch on camera.

Elliott Brood (5/13/10)

Plants & Animals took the stage, and the lights were low, like the morale of the audience.  Though a few drank their sorrows away and took to dancing.  Plants and Animals really had a great rock jam vibe going... not as song-based as I was expecting.  Though the didn't disapoint. at. all.  I definitely want to see what they can do with a proper crowd (and lighting).

Plants & Animals (5/13/10)

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