Friday, July 29, 2022

Tom Evanchuck (7/29/22)

Having a chance to catch Tom Evanchuck on the patio at Forest City Brewery is a no brainer.  As you may also remember, he was my first house concert back in 2010, and this performance also saw him having the same stage partner as he did at my place!  I discovered this after Tom pointed me out to the crowd, and ed nothow he’d recently found that video I posted and was able to re-learn some of the songs they performed - over TWELVE years ago - and were playing them at this show!  That really touched me, that my efforts in capturing and posting this content could play some small role in helping artists create (or re-learn) content to play.  I’m so glad I was there for that mention.

Tom Evanchuck  7 29 22

Tom Evanchuck  7 29 22

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