Thursday, June 10, 2021

Article: Live Music Should Be More Accessible For Disabled Fans

YES.  Yes it should.

"There are other ways venues, bands, and booking agents can build a more inclusive environment. Maja Liv Groves, the founder of Queers to the Front, a booking agency and music company 'prioritizing all marginalized people, which very much includes people with all sorts of disabilities,' has historically asked venues who host her bands to go above and beyond the status quo for disabled accommodations. 'I definitely experienced things where I would ask for a ramp to the entrance to the venue and they'd ask if I was disabled and I'd reply, 'does it matter?,' said Groves. 'If you want the show to be accessible, you should want everybody to have access to the show, not just your performer.' Other measures include asking to remove stroboscope lighting for people with photosensitivity or epilepsy, accessible unisex restrooms, and other easy solutions. 'Everybody has different accessibility needs,' said Dykema. 'What is accessible to me doesn't necessarily mean it's fully accessible to everybody.'"

(Via Live Music Should Be More Accessible For Disabled Fans.)

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