Friday, May 28, 2021

The Wooks (4/17/21)

This show by Virginia band, The Wooks, was essentially the first real concert of 2021 for me!   Shows at the Beachland Ballroom were being sold by the table, and at a pretty high cost to cover the low number of ticket sales able to be offered.  While there were a few Beachland shows that were held before this one, this was the first show that worked out in getting 3 friends to join me at 4 top table!  I was also thrilled to be seeing the Wooks, who have this fun folky jam vibe about them.   I walked out of this show feeling over joyed, and found yet another band that I’d love to see again.
The Wooks  4 17 21

The Wooks  4 17 21

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