Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Zeitgeist / Buck McDaniel (1/17/20)

I was able to sit in on several of the most recent No Exit / Zeitgeist performances around the city.  They played some amazing pieces by new composers, some of which were able to be present.  Ending the nights, Zeitgeist performed music by Buck McDaniel, but I’ll let Cleveland Classical take it from here… 

"The program closed with Buck McDaniel’s Scherzo in Four Movements, which served as something of a musical farewell to Cleveland as McDaniel moves to New York to further his musical career. In his pre-performance remarks, the composer noted that the classical symphonic scherzo is a kind of musical joke, but not necessarily a funny one. One of the movements lampoons the English Renaissance composer Orlando Gibbons’s setting of the word ‘motion’ as ‘mo-see-on.’

McDaniel’s minimalist writing is highly influenced by the works of Steve Reich, but with far greater harmonic variety and motion. McDaniel also gives a tip of the hat to his composition teacher by reworking part of an Andrew Rindfleisch work with different harmony and development. Zeitgeist gave the Scherzo a joyous, expert performance, enthusiastically received."

(Via No Exit & Zeitgeist at the Bop Stop (Jan. 17) - Cleveland Classical.)

Zeitgeist  Buck McDaniel  1 17 20

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