Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Tōth (1/16/20)

While there wasn’t a lot of must-see shows in January, having both YACHT and then Tōth within a week of each other was a real treat.  You may remember Tōth as one part of Rubblebucket, who I’ve seen and posted about multiple times.  His new album, Practice Magic and Seek Professional Help When Necessary, is superb!  Check out some of his videos while you’re at it.   Live, he was everything I was hoping from this show… 

Tōth  1 16 20

Tōth  1 16 20

Opening, as she did once before for Rubblebucket, was Mal Devisa.   Quite a different vibe from both Tōth and Rubblebucket, but she’s captivating in her simplicity and bass guitar.  ohbtw - you’ll only find her stuff on Bandcamp

Mal Devisa  1 16 20

Opening was our own Holden Laurence, who seems to be having a career rivaling his band, The Modern Electric.

Holden Laurence  1 16 20

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