Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Maya de Vitry & Anna Tivel @ GAR Hall (11/8/19)

This show by Anna Tivel & Maya De Vitry at GAR Hall in Peninsula couldn’t have been any better.  You may remember me gushing about The Stray Birds over the years, and my favorite part about the band was Maya De Vitry.  I was thrilled to see her striking out on her own with a new album and this tour.  I was unfamiliar with Anna Tivel, but listening to her, she instantly won me over.  Put these two together at this location on a crisp Fall afternoon - perfection.

These ladies intertwined their sets for the night, playing on each others songs, harmonizing, but also allowing for some solo time on stage.  Both ladies were extremely entertaining, insightful and creative.  However, their voices and approaches differed, but with full complement.   The only thing that could have made this show better was to partake in a bottle of wine and fresh, hot cookie.  Next time… 

Anna Tivel  Maya De Vitry  11 8 19

Anna Tivel  11 8 19

Maya De Vitry  11 8 19

I also wanted to share this video of these ladies, for a bit more context.

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