Monday, July 15, 2019

Golden Vessel (7/12/19)

Golden Vessel was a surprise, late-addition to my TZA calendar.  Crawling the Beachland website, this show popped up and was instantly intrigued by this pop / electronic artist from Australia.  His album is full of guests vocalists, and each song would just get better and better with every listen.  I was curious how this was going to translate into a live performance.  His stage mate (the guy on the left) jumped on the tour and took on all the vocal parts - very well I might add.  Overall, the show didn’t have quite have the quicker tempo of the album, but I was still very satisfied with the performance.

Golden Vessel  7 12 19

Golden Vessel  7 12 19

Opening was Instupendo out of Philadelphia.  Very low key set, which was very appropriate for the Rostam vocals he brought in, and I recorded, below.  He had also scored a guest spot on the newest Toro Y Moi album - so there’s something going on there, I just missed it I guess.

Instupendo  7 12 19

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