Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Flying Fish Cove (7/3/19)

It’s been a great vacation this last week and a half, primarily consisting of time in the woods, in my yard, and always with my dog.  The only downside was there wasn’t much live music.  Last Wednesday I finally just started searching for any show, which is difficult around any particular holiday (this one being the 4th).  Luckily Mahall’s came through with Flying Fish Cove out of Seattle.  They performed down in the Locker Room and put on a fun little indie rock show.

Flying Fish Cove  7 3 19

They ended up playing the middle slot on the bill.  Ending the night was Sweater Curse, which apparently this was their first show.  The lead singer turns out to be the lead vocalist in another local rock outfit, Total Downer.  His voice was amazing and his exuberance was infectious.  I didn’t get to stay for much of their set (catching the RTA home), so I only grabbed this photo - but definitely want to see what they come up with!

Sweater Curse  7 3 19

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