Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Mike Edel House Concert (5/3/18)

Wow.  This was such an amazing experience.  Mike, Jeremy & Brennan showed up to my house around 6:30pm and immediately began setting up for the show.  These guys could not have been any more nice.  We discussed setting up a PA system for the show, which I suggested wasn’t needed - but I’m so glad they did.  The sound was amazing, and I have to thank my neighbors for being the coolest. Hopefully the people walking down the street and turning their heads also enjoyed the show.  

The songs, stories and banter were genuine and delightful.  They talked about how they’ve basically been playing these rock & roll shows, but it was a nice change of pace doing something like this.  I hope it was for them, because it was a delight for all of us.  Friends brought food, drinks and an amazing vibe.  I don’t often have parties at my place, but this is how I want them all to go.  Luckily I had plenty of room for the band (and some friends) to crash for the night. After the show we were able to just hang outside and enjoy the great weather.  Everyone had a great time and the next day it was fun to see all the social media posts about the show and the band.  Now we all wait for the new album to come out.

Mike Edel  5 3 18Mike Edel  5 3 18

You can catch the full house concert here.  If you wanna hear how this show came about from Mike’s perspective, you can catch it at the 17:33 minute mark.

Even Bergen enjoyed it:

Mike Edel  5 3 18

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