Sunday, December 16, 2018

Noodles (12/10/18)

My second night in DC, I was able to catch two shows at the amazing Sonbyrd Music House.  I was surprised that 1.) I had never heard of this venue before, and 2.) that they had two stages and two shows happening simultaneously on a Monday night!  The headliner Noodles is was what first caught my attention, but all 3 acts were pretty solid.

Probably my favorite was the opener, Mari.  She had a great band on stage, really a lot of fun with a great personality.  I hope things go well for this DMV native (I just learned that DMV is the nickname for the District, Maryland, Virginia area).

Mari  12 10 18

Next up was Jess Connelly, who’s album I was enjoying.  Seeing her live was a little less exciting, but her DJ kicked ass.

Jess Connelly  12 10 18 

Noodles was the headliner, calling herself out as one of the few Asian-Americans in the music business, and trying to hold it dow for all the “POC’s” out there.   Her DJ skills were good, and loved the song selections.

Noodles  12 10 18

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