Monday, December 3, 2018

Amy Ray (11/27/18)

What an amazing night for live music in Akron.  While the vitality of new Indigo Girls music has waned (for me), Amy Ray still is as vibrant as ever.  I’m thrilled with every new album, even the country ones.  She stuck to this theme during the show with her massive 7 member band on the stage of EJ Thomas Hall.  And as I expected, they played backwards - where we the audience was seated in the bowels of back stage.  It’s a really nice orientation actually.  After an incredible performance by Chastity Brown (more on that later), Amy and her band took the stage.  She was humble as always as she tried to hush the crowd coming out on stage for some pre-show business. Still, she played a rousing down home collection of songs from her last couple albums.  She’s such a great storyteller, in the key of country but with a punk personality.

Amy Ray  11 27 18

Amy Ray  11 27 18

Opening was Chastity Brown, an incredibly soulful singer/songwriter from Minneapolis, MN.   She really was incredible, take a listen below!

Chastity Brown  11 27 18

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