Thursday, October 25, 2018

Twenty One Pilots (10/23/18)

I was surprised the morning of this sold out show that I would be going!  I first caught Twenty One Pilots back in July of 2014 at the inaugural Alternative Press Music Awards, before I even knew anything about this band.  Their performance caught my eye, enough so that I caught them later that year at Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica.  Their blend of rock, rap, and pop was intriguing, and their stage performance was electric.  I’m not a fan of large venue shows, so I hadn’t planned on this show at Quicken Loans, but I’m so glad it worked out. What amazes me about this band is how, without traditional main-stream exposure, this band from Columbus, OH is able to garner such a rabid fanbase, fully donned in costume. They put on an electric performance, filling the space properly.  Check out some photos and a video below, with covers by the Beatles and Goo Goo Dolls at the end! More expansive reviews are below.

Twenty One Pilots  10 23 18

Twenty One Pilots  10 23 18

Twenty One Pilots  10 23 18


(more photos here)

"They started last night’s two-hour concert in front of a capacity crowd at the Q in dramatic fashion as singer-multi-instrumentalist Tyler Joseph arrived carrying a torch. Decked out in fatigue pants and a bandana, he looked like he could’ve been a fashion conscious terrorist/mugger as he climbed atop the shell of car that rose from underneath the stage and began singing the jittery opening number, ‘Jumpsuit,’ a single from the band's new album, Trench."

(Via Twenty One Pilots Put on a Spectacle of a Show at the Q | Scene and Heard: Scene's News Blog.)

"Ah, flair. And now we get to the real appeal of Twenty One Pilots: There are bands who write good songs. There are bands with good singers. There are bands who fire off exciting pyrotechnics. There are bands with Trans-Siberian Orchestra-worthy light shows. There are bands with lead singers who broadcast charisma like the aura of a sun.

Ain't too many bands, though, that have all that, and Twenty One Pilots is all that . . . and a lot more. Including flair."

(Via Twenty One Pilots soar over a dancing, joyous crowd at Quicken Loans Arena: concert review |

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