Friday, October 19, 2018

Tall Heights (10/16/18)

One week after being at Mahall’s for the Sainseneca show, I was back to see Tall Heights there - for the 2nd time!  This time they had a full bill of great artists, each one the would have been worth seeing separately!  It started with Frances Cone from Brooklyn New York, which Noisey accurately described as “"Think Fleetwood Mac meets Dirty Projectors..."

Frances Cone  10 16 18

Next up, the wildly attractive Old Sea Brigade (as confirmed by the entire band of Frances Cone), who’s been described as “gorgeous, meditative songwriting" with a "sense of Southern gothic.”. 

Old Sea Brigade  10 16 18

Finally, Tall Heights was on stage, and the room was filled mostly with young women.  These guys have obviously started to take off, as mentioning during the show, how their last album has just seemed to have been discovered just as they’re releasing a new one.  They stuck to their guns and played a lot of songs off their new album - which I’m really enjoying!  You should check it and them out.

Tall Heights  10 16 18

Tall Heights  10 16 18

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