Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Maps & Atlases (6/24/18)

Maps & Atlases is one of those bands that drips out albums every few years or so.  I remembered that I had seen them before (their concert t-shirt I have is one of my favs!), but didn’t pay much attention (have much time) before going to the show.  Without much background digging, I knew I wanted to see them again, if only to get another kick-ass concert t-shirt.  They’re a solid indie rock band, but with some tight guitar work and an attention to detail that makes them a great live band.  I would put these guys up there with one of my all time favorites, Plants & Animals (and not just for the alliteration in their names).  And - these guys were just *ridiculously* earnest, nice, and the perfect amount of nerdy cool.

Maps  Atlases  6 24 18

Maps  Atlases  6 24 18

As I was writing this post, I did go back to see when I’ve seen them in the past and realized it was when they were opening for Frightened Rabbit in 2010 (RIP Scott Hutchison).  I then was able to see them again headlining Brite Winter in 2015, with Welshly Arms!  

Also, in case you were wondering, I did get another awesome concert t-shirt which I’m sure you’ll see me in soon.

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