Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Joe Purdy (6/10/18)

Finally my first trip down to Peninsula, OH for a concert at the GAR Hall!  How ridiculously charming.  That feeling was only accentuated by seeing Joe Purdy and our own Roger Hoover in that space.  I’ve seen Joe Purdy before (2017 & 2011), and I can’t get enough of his excellent songwriting.  So much so, I too several videos of this show.

Joe Purdy  6 10 18

Joe Purdy  6 10 18

(Click on these song titles for more complete videos of Children of Privilege and My Country.) 

Roger Hoover opened the show, who’s a local artist who I’ve been following shortly after getting to town.  I couldn’t have asked for a better pairing, or a better location for this show.

Roger Hoover  6 10 18

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