Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Sofi Tukker (4/30/18)

This Sofi Tukker show was particularly exciting because as much fun as they seemed like they would be, they also had a whole evening of support that looked equally as good.  But before we get to that, Sofi Tukker took the stage rather early, and faced a nearly full Grog Shop.  They were all neon lights and electric drums, even sporting a drum “tree” on stage.  They mentioned having been on tour for over 2 years, and you could kinda see the tension between the two of them, but they still respected and gave the audience what they were wanting - to dance.Sofi Tukker  4 30 18

Sofi Tukker  4 30 18

I walked in to LP Giobbi DJ’ing and dancing all “tits first” like.  It’s hard to not enjoy a spectacle like that.

LP Giobbi  4 30 18

LP Giobbi  4 30 18

I would say the biggest disappointment of the night was not seeing Kah-lo.  She was probably my biggest draw of the night, but no idea why she never took the stage.  :-/ 

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