Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Shins (7/29/17)

I felt like something had been up with the Agora lately, as they’ve been scheduling some bigger names - like The Shins!  The first thing I noticed upon entering were the ominous metal detectors and bag checkers.  Blah.  Not cool.  And speaking of not cool - the space was sweltering hot on this evening.  But that’s not really why we’re here.

I was thrilled to be seeing the Shins this past Saturday, but I was equally excited to be seeing Tennis open!  These guys have been putting out some infections pop albums lately, and just keep getting better and better.  Her voice just felt effervescent and effortless.  I’m really looking forward too seeing these guys in a headlining show.

Tennis (7/29/17)

In preparation for this show, I went back through my Shins catalog and was reminded just how much I like these guys.  Though I guess it’s all about James Mercer, with the lineup changes lately.  But still - what a great songwriter and performer.  And that set!  Check out the shots and video, and catch a couple quotes from the local media below!

The Shins (7/29/17)
The Shins (7/29/17)

"One of the biggest highlights of the night was ‘Phantom Limb,’ a song which drew huge yelps as soon as Mercer introduced the song. Fans waved their arms along to one of the band’s best-known tracks. Mercer dedicated the next song to a friend due to join the Navy, and he exploded into ‘Simple Song,’ the first song to get the crowd jumping around. The tune concluded with Mercer raising his guitar above his head as he received a loud, standing ovation before the band departed the stage."

(Via Rousing Performance at the Agora Shows the Shins Haven't Lost Their Spark | Scene and Heard: Scene's News Blog.)

"But the highlight of the concert had to have been the combination of 'Sleeping Lessons' with a short cover of Tom Petty's 'American Girl,' seamlessly tied together with the similar chords that Mercer was strumming.

Overall, The Shins mixed enough new tunes to keep their act fresh, but threw in enough nostalgia to satisfy their long-standing indie fans."

(Via The Shins combined new and nostalgic for indie fans' delight at Agora concert (photos) | cleveland.com.)

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