Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Article: AEG takes over historic Agora Theatre on Friday

 Wait - what?  How did I miss this??


"Of course, the biggest impact will be the influx of AEG, the world's second-largest concert promoter, into a city alongside Live Nation, the world's largest concert promoter.

'We're excited about joining a market where we've not had a presence to date,'' said Trell, a native of Columbus who is intimately familiar with the legacy begun by LoConti in 1966, which included a Columbus Agora. 'We view it as an important market.''

'Hank [was] a guy who was revered in the industry,'' said Trell. 'His passing'' - LoConti died almost exactly four years ago after a battle with lymphoma - 'was very said.

'We're not looking to do anything to detract from the history or the legacy of the venue,'' said Trell.

Trell and Zitterbart both pointed out that the power of AEG means an opportunity to tap new and better bands for the venue. Almost like LoConti's storied 'Agora Circuit,'' where artists and bands played Agoras in various cities during the institution's heyday, AEG can use its multiple venues as a sort of circuit as well, making it easier to book artists for entire tours at AEG clubs and theaters."

(Via AEG takes over historic Agora Theatre on Friday | cleveland.com.)

I wish I could get excited about this… 

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