Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Article: Is Sofar Sounds The Uber Of House Concerts?

I’ve always been curious about these Sofar Sounds shows, but they have eluded me - so far. :-P  I’ve also been curious about their seemingly meteoric rise into so many cities - which now makes sense knowing they had millions in venture funding.  However, only compensating artists with just a video is unacceptable.  I was once optimistic about this organization, but that is waning.


"This unpermitted, homespun gig probably sounds familiar to participants in independent music. Unusually, though, it was coordinated by a start-up underwritten by millions in venture capital, Sofar Sounds. And though each attendee paid $15-$30 to attend, the artists will be compensated with some footage of their performance."

(Via Is Sofar Sounds The Uber Of House Concerts? - hypebot.)

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