Friday, October 14, 2016

Aloha (9/22/16)

Aloha is one of those bands that really take their time between albums.  So while they have been around for quite some time, they don’t have a ton of material out.  Still, what they produce is pretty good stuff.  However, the focus of this night was more on the return of our own Herzog!  But first, we got to hear New Planet Trampoline, who put on a rather intense live show.  Check it out. 

New Planet Trampoline (9/22/16)

I guess I liked the Herzog show so much that I didn’t even capture video of them!  So great to see them out live again.

Herzog (9/22/16)

 I was glad to see that most of the crowd was able to stick around for Aloha.  I can’t say it was an incredible show, but these guys definitely have some talent.

Aloha (9/22/16)

Aloha (9/22/16)

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