Friday, March 25, 2016

Tomorrow: Chad Valley & Blackbird Blackbird @ Grog Shop

Tomorrow night at the Grog Shop will be a GREAT show.  Chad Valley is coming back as a headliner this time.  His dreamy pop/electronica should be great in the Grog Shop space.  

131001 chad valley

"The last thing we heard from the Oxford, UK singer and spell-caster Chad Valley was the 2012 synth-streaked ’80s-pop pastiche Young Hunger, an album that featured collaborations with people like Twin Shadow. He’s still playing around with those sounds on the new album Entirely New Blue, but he’s doing it to more personal ends. The album has glittering production from Joel Ford, of Ford & Lopatin and Yung Ejecta, but it’s a breakup album, not a genre exercise. First single ‘Seventeen,’ which stretches luxuriously over nearly six minutes, gives plenty of room to Valley’s wounded falsetto. The FADER posted the song, and you can hear it below."

(Via Chad Valley – “Seventeen” - Stereogum.)

However, I think I’m more excited about the opener Blackbird Blackbird.  I’ve been loving everything of his lately...

Img blackbird blackbird 162553875509

"When it comes to putting out organic and uplifting electronic, Blackbird Blackbird is one of the few artists that can consistently impress, and his latest instrumental, 'Strawberry Girl', greatly portrays our claim. While the San Franciscan synth maestro continues to be quite frequent with new releases, this particular piece of his is reminiscent of his earlier work, as wavering chord progressions accompany well what climbing tempos he uses. From his arpeggiated saw waves, to his mesmerizing guitar hook, there isn't the slightest sonic crevasse throughout the track."

(Via Blackbird Blackbird - "Strawberry Light" - Hillydilly.)

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