Friday, March 11, 2016

Eliphant (2/5/16)

This was a show I wasn’t expecting.  Elliphant has been breaking out lately, working with Major Lazer (Diplo), Skrillex, MO, Twin Shadow, etc… So when I heard she was playing at The Spot on CWRU’s campus - I was extremely curious.  Turns out, she didn’t realize she was going to be playing in a basement dorm cafeteria either.  After coming out and playing her first song, she began an long and uncomfortable rant.  Telling us how she shouldn’t be playing there, that she dropped out of school and swore she would never step into a cafeteria again - and that we should be thankful that we’re getting to see her here.

Elliphant (2/5/16)

I would tend to agree. I would have even considered seeing her at House of Blues - so to be seeing her in this space, with a bunch of young kids who weren’t even drinking - was quite unique and intimate.  Intimate especially as we got to know Elliphant’s bitchy side.  But still - it was fun.  I may have lost a little respect for her this night, but I’m not sure it even matters.  It was an enjoyable experience, which is all that matters.

Elliphant (2/5/16)


The still shot on this Step Down video captures her sentiment on the night - PERFECTLY.

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