Friday, April 3, 2015

Tonight: Big Data / On And On / CHAPPO @ Grog Shop

I think this is going to be a pretty epic night.  Big Data has been making waves lately, especially with star-studded (almost) guest vocals on their most recent album.  This isn’t a real video - but the song is great and these guys are going to be fun live - I hope!


The middle band for the night is On And On.  I think these sound like an electrified Fleet Foxes!  Again, should be fun.

CHAPPO is opening up the night.  I’ve probably received more promo emails on these guys, than anyone else recently.  I think these are jus working it right now, and with a write up like this - I’m intrigued:

With a Flaming Lips meets the Killers vibe, CHAPPO's synth take on west coast psychedelia bring us from the 60's into galaxies far away. Now the band moves on to support the release of their latest LP, FUTURE FORMER SELF with their lead single, "Hang On". Entertainment Weekly says the slow-building single, "proves how cosmic CHAPPO can be, setting countryish slide guitars adrift in a synthesizer nebula." 

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