Monday, February 9, 2015

Tomorrow: Chris Bathgate @ Annabell's (Akron)

After seeing an excellent performance by Chris Bathgate back in 2011 - he seemed to drop out of sight.  I hadn’t heard anything more from him until this show announcement, and I’ve since realized that he was on hiatus and is just now getting back out there.  While he doesn’t have any new personal material, but he is working with a band/collective  named Skullls.  So this night will be kind of a mystery performance, but I trust it’ll still be a good one.  Besides, Annabells is the best dive bar in Akron!


"You should come out because two musicians who are sharp as knives will be pouring their hearts out for you. You should come out because we’re the type of musicians that make people say ‘holy shit’ after the last chord rings out. We are relatively unknown, but dedicated as hell to performance. You should come out because we’ll probably make you feel super fucking sad, but then crack jokes with you after. This show is a four course meal of emotion."

(Via.Never Nervous: INTERVIEW: Chris Bathgate Talks Performing Solo, the Difficulties of Touring, and Ja Rule's Current Whereabouts and Activities!)

 Opening is Molly Sullivan, who seems pretty notable in her own right.

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