Monday, February 2, 2015

Ani DiFranco (1/27/15)

Another year, another (great) Ani performance. Being seated at the House of Blues was not what I was expecting, but I’ll take whatever I can get…  Unfortunately we missed Anais. 

Ani DiFranco (1/27/15)

Ani DiFranco (1/27/15)

 You can see my YouTube videos, here - but why post those when you can see the entire concert here:  

"Last night, singer-songwriter Ani DiFranco took to the stage at House of Blues Cleveland, kicking and pounding on her guitar. She powered through 18 songs with her bassist and drummer; the set included tracks such as 'Allergic to Water,' 'Careless Words' and 'Rainy Parade.' Before playing ''Tis of Thee,' "

(Via. Anais Mitchell and Ani DiFranco Performing at House of Blues • Galleries | Cleveland Scene)

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