Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tomorrow: Strand of Oaks @ Beachland Tavern

Tomorrow night at the Beachland Tavern!  $12.  Check out his new video and a free download of his World Cafe session below!

By the looks of Tim Showalter, I would not expect the type of music that he puts out as Strand of Oaks - but his stuff is great.  I’ll let AllMusic describe it for me:

"The project of Goshen, Indiana-based singer/songwriter Tim Showalter, Strand of Oaks specializes in bold and anthemic indie Americana that draws from classic rock and folk, skillfully blending traditional singer/songwriter catharsis with stadium-ready melodies in the vein of artists like War on Drugs and My Morning Jacket. "

(Via.Strand of Oaks | Biography | AllMusic)



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