Thursday, June 19, 2014

Tomorrow: Sharon Van Etten @ Beachland Ballroom

I won’t be making it to this Sharon Van Etten show at the Beachland Ballroom tomorrow night - but there’s no reason you shouldn’t be.  Much buzz has been happening around Sharon and her new release.  Check out some videos of her to see why.  Album review below...

Sharon van etten


The Quietus | Reviews | Sharon Van Etten

"'Afraid Of Nothing' opens Are We There with a slow-build of plangent piano chords, dappled cymbals, backing vocals and strings that pirouette atop each other before the song begins in earnest - and begins to build once more, into something even lovelier than before: a deeply felt sigh that speaks volumes in exasperation and relief.

This is the prevailing sound of the new LP, and it's an excellent fit for the Brooklyn-based, New Jersey-born singer. Her voice is the kind that could make almost anything sound melancholy, but in matching it to songs simultaneously soft and steely, the effect is honestly heartening more than anything else. Even a piano-led ballad entitled 'I Love You But I'm Lost' shines with the promise of a brighter, more fulfilled future."

(Continued... The Quietus | Reviews | Sharon Van Etten)

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