Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Head and The Heart (5/29/14)

Still trying to recover from Movement, this show was a last minute decision.  We still went, but no plans for tickets, photos, or anything.  Just arrived.  Well, turns out that for the Beachland sponsored shows at the Masonic, they don’t allow cameras like the Grog Shop shows do, so after returning it to my car, we scaled up the stairs for a dark seat in the crowd to catch most of Lucius, who was great.  I’m loving their album, but the whole entree into the venue experience still had me stilted.  And of course, at that distance with the iPhone - pics were not an option.

We found a better spot for The Head & The Heart - but was wondering how the floor could have been sold out, as it looked to be less than half full.  Still, we sat and relaxed, enjoying the pop-folk show.  Check it out:

The Head & The Heart (5/29/14)

 From the Cleveland Leader:

"Throughout the past few years the venues have gotten larger and the amount of fans in attendance has grown but the band still seems to keep things simple. There is no elaborate stage decor or lighting. Their presence and sound reminds you it's all about the music.

The Head and the Heart performed songs from both of their successful albums. The songs all flow well together. They have a unique sound that was definitely carried across to the new album. If fans loved the first album then they are for sure to love 'Let's Be Still'."

(Via. Concert Review :: The Head and The Heart @ Masonic Auditorium | Cleveland Leader)

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