Saturday, December 14, 2013

Article: Why don’t we listen to full albums anymore?

While I collect albums, and often - eventually - listen to all tracks on an album, I’ll admit that I rarely *listen* to an entire album in sequence.  I like to think it’s because I’m “more broad than deep" when it comes to experiencing music.  I’m always listening to new stuff.  Always.  But I still don’t want the art of the album to die…

Lefsetz Letter » Blog Archive » Why don’t we listen to full albums anymore?

"And then the Internet comes along and blows it all to pieces.

You used to look forward to the new releases, you wanted to hear what your favorite acts had to say. Other than some squibs in print, you were completely clueless as to what they were up to. But today, no one ever really goes away. They’re available on Facebook, Twitter, even Instagram! Never mind their Websites, which are a cornucopia of information.

After buying your favorite new release, or catalog album, you played it. You paid for it. You had an investment. And no one likes to be a poor investor. You never hear anybody boasting of their losses in Vegas, their lousy stock picks. No, you have to prove to yourself that you made a good decision. So you scoured the album looking for that which hooked you. It sometimes took two or three plays, but by then there was a track that pricked your ears, made you smile, you started playing that side again and again. And when you knew it well, then you flipped over the LP or cassette to learn the other. And when the band came to town, you went. It was cheap. Way under ten bucks. And you were in nirvana as they played your favorite songs. And you knew you had to go to every show, because most of the new album would never be played live again."

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