Thursday, July 18, 2013

Toro Y Moi (7/16/13)

After attending a little work gathering, I made it to the Grog Shop to what felt like the end of Toro Y Moi's set.  I really wasn't, but the buzz of the sold-out crowd made me feel like it.  Read a clip of the Scene review below…  The packed room didn't bode well for media capture, but it does represent the experience quite well.  All in all, a night of chilled out funk.

Toro Y Moi (7/16/13)

Toro Y Moi (7/16/13)


Concert Review: Toro Y Moi at Grog Shop | Scene and Heard: Scene's News Blog

"While Toro may shy away from the chillwave label, there’s no denying that the artist puts on one of the most chill dance parties in the business. It helped, in some respects, that the Grog floor was already chilly to begin with, as the AC kept the venue cool as the band took the stage to massive applause. But the body temperatures of most attendees wouldn’t stay low for long — the relentless beat of opener ‘Rose Quartz,’ a cut from Toro’s latest album, Anything in Return, demanded movement from those on the floor in one form or another. The intricate bass parts found in most Toro tracks, like ‘New Beat’ and especially on ‘Elise,’ were devastating, note-for-note recreations of the band’s recordings and helped keep each song fresh with their complexity. The 16-song set kept the rowdy crowd on its feet for an hour and begging for another Cleveland stop from the singer and his band soon."

(Continued... Concert Review: Toro Y Moi at Grog Shop | Scene and Heard: Scene's News Blog)

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