Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Last Bison (4/13/13)

I'm kinda lazy when it comes to doing mediocre "reviews" - or reviews of mediocre shows I should say.  This night was a night away from the Film Festival, and a pleasant return to the Beachland.  I'd really been digging The Last Bison's Switzerland and some of their other stuff, so this won out.  Opening was White Pines and Music for the Trees.  Had some great friends join me too… The real shock of the night was walking in, checking in on FourSquare, and having the app tell me this is the second time I'd seen this band.  WTF?  Has it gotten to this point already, where I need technology to remind me who I've seen.  Perhaps.

Up first, Music for the Trees.  A local kid, totally adorable.  Has some great stuff on Bandcamp.  This one is my favorite:

Music for the Trees (4/13/13)

This was the second time seeing White Pines (opening for Bowerbirds & Basia Bulat).  There's some dense, hard stuff going on there - a little more rock than I remembered.  I like the wall of sound feel.

White Pines (4/13/13)

 So by now you're noticing the stage is quite a bit different.  It's a set!  Well, the band members all matched it - basically like costumes.  My friend called it… a cult.  Now sure they were smiling really big - but I'd give them the benefit of the doubt.  Sound was still good, loved Switzerland.  Not sure I'd need to race back and catch them again… maybe FourSquare can actually warn me next time.

The Last Bison (4/13/13)

The Last Bison (4/13/13)

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