Friday, May 3, 2013

New Series: Video Friday!

No, this isn't a late version of Video Tuesday.  I was thinking that, with as many videos as I run through, it might be fun to group the more dance/upbeat ones as a "Video Friday" series, you know, to get the weekend started!  Not to say I'll be doing two video posts every week, but maybe.

We'll kick it off with Small Black's new (NSFW) video for Free at Dawn.  Next up is the new Calvin Harris video for I Need Your Love feat. Ellie Goulding- which is already blowing up.  A fun video and concept.  Finally, A-Trak is trying to challenge OKGo in their video concept - incredible, though I can't imagine this wasn't edited together.

Bonus this week is a Basement Jaxx video… after the hit Where's Your Head At, these guys remained on my radar. All I have to say about this new video is WTF?

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