Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tomorrow: Big Freedia @ Grog Shop

I don't know how Cleveland is gonna handle "The Queen Diva" Big Freedia.  She's coming to the Grog Shop on Wednesday… will there be some ass shakin'?? I can't wait.  Tix purchased!

You can even listen to her on All Things on Considered (link below). 

Big Freedia Lays Out The Basics Of Bounce : NPR

"Born out of New Orleans club culture, bounce music isn't just best experienced in person — it's almost impossible to understand in the abstract. But Big Freedia (pronounced 'free-duh'), one of the style's biggest stars, says the music does have a few defining features.

Bounce is based in hip-hop. It favors punchy tempos, heavy bass and call-and-response vocals. Many of the songs are structured around a handful of samples, most notably a snippet from 'Drag Rap,' a 1986 track by the New York rap group The Showboys."

(Continued... Big Freedia Lays Out The Basics Of Bounce : NPR)

 "An in-depth look at Big Freedia, bounce music, New Orleans, and ass-shaking"

You may remember: I first posted about Big Freedia via Diplo / Sissy Bounce: Big Freedia (4/8/11)

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