Thursday, January 17, 2013

Shivering Timbers & Tom Evanchuck (1/12/13)

Shockingly, this is only my second Mechanic Street House Concert (here's my first), but I couldn't stay away from such a great lineup.  Seeing Shivering Timbers at this house in particular seemed so exciting, as well as seeing a Princeton Rd. Sessions alum at a different house was also very appealing.

Shivering Timbers were good, but I did feel a little disconnected from the show being a room back.  A little more sound would have been great.  But this married couple has a fun presence on stage, and their haunting, chamber folk sound is always enjoyable.

Shivering Timbers (1/12/13)

Tom went acoustic for his set, and I think it worked a little bit better.  Maybe it's because I'm still smitten with him.

Tom Evanchuck (1/12/13)

Then a clumsy encore with both Shivering Timbers and Tom Evanchuck couldn't have been any more charming…

Shivering Timbers & Tom Evanchuck (1/12/13)

Shivering Timbers & Tom Evanchuck (1/12/13)

Cool Cleveland was even there… Check out Tom's review below:

REVIEW: Shivering Timbers & Tom Evanchuck at Mechanic St. House Concert « CoolCleveland Blog

"And the performance? On Sat 1/12/13, when Akron’s Shivering Timbers and Cleveland’s Tom Evanchuck (left in top photo) performed at Lynn & Joel’s Mechanic Street House Concert, named for an early name for their street, technical issues unexpectedly disabled their PA. So they improvised and ran their two vocal mics through Lynn & Joel’s miniature Bose home stereo unit, and kept the drums and amps down. And the results were simply revelatory. Shivering Timbers’ singer and upright bassist Sarah Benn got things started off with a strapless banjo balanced on her knee, supported by a toolbox. ‘All good nights start strapless with a toolbox,’ she deadpanned. She forgets the lyrics and is called out by husband Jayson on guitar. Just for that, he may be sleeping on the couch tonight. Yes, in Lynn & Joel’s house. Audience is huddled on the ornate 100-year-old stairway, sitting on any bench or chair available, and lining the dining room shoulder to shoulder, now that the massive dining table has been moved to become the merch display. Almost everyone is smiling."

(Continued... REVIEW: Shivering Timbers & Tom Evanchuck at Mechanic St. House Concert « CoolCleveland Blog)

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