Monday, December 3, 2012

Eternal Summers (12/1/12)

I'll admit, Eternal Summers haven't been on my short-list of must listen music lately, but the more I listened to their newest album, Correct Behavior, the more I liked them (again).  I got there in time to catch a few songs of Chomp, which includes some of the guys from Cloud Nothings.  Good stuff, as you'd expect.

Chomp (12/1/12)

By this time, I was regretting having already eaten dinner (those dogs looked so good).  I settled for another pint of Laguinitas IPA and settled in for a great Eternal Summers set (and the volume in the venue was manageable!).  They definitely had an alternative 80's throwback sound in their live set, though this wasn't the best clip to capture…

Here's a better song to judge them by:

You Kill by Eternal Summers on Grooveshark

Eternal Summers (12/1/12)

Eternal Summers (12/1/12)

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