Thursday, January 2, 2020

Video Day #tzachill

Remember me talking about enjoying a good montage video, kudos to Orville Peck and his new video for Nothing Fades Like The Light. Brendan Maclean, my favorite queer Australian musician, has his new video out for Goes Without Saying. I couldn’t agree with Toro Y Moi more, with his new video being released for New House. 

Bonus:  I somehow stumbled on this new video for Sam Doores for Let It Roll.  I suspect it was because if follow New West Records YouTube RSS feed, but I guess this is the reason I do.  And i need to say that montage videos are a complicated genre that is often hard to get right - but Sam pulls this off in spades.  I couldn’t be more intrigued by his new self-titled album coming out on March 13th.

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