Monday, June 17, 2019

Ani DiFranco (6/13/19)

Ani DiFranco came back around, this time coming to the lush Cain Park and this time bringing one of my other favorite folksters, Lucy Wainwright Roche!  PERFECT.  I wish the weather could have been, as it was raining and in the 50’s - but luckily they allowed everyone in lawn to grab seats under the pavilion.

This time around Ani really went back to some of her older songs, probably in line with her new memoir (you can view an excerpt of an article she did with NPR below).  I have yet to read it, but it’s on my short list.  In the meantime, it was great getting to hear some of the songs that are nearly 30 years old! (WOW). 

Ani DiFranco  6 13 19

Ani DiFranco  6 13 19

Lucy Wainwright Roche opened, and she’s quickly becoming someone who I’m regularly seeing live!  Cheerful and charming as always - and one hell of a good songwriter.

Lucy Wainwright Roche  6 13 19

Here’s the NPR article:

"DiFranco poured that rage into her songwriting. As she wrote in her memoir, DiFranco struggled with making music and once it was made, she hated the idea of selling it. She remembers feeling repulsed by the idea of having to sell her tapes.

'I guess people were right in that I was kind of a punk kid. I was anti-everything, I was anti-capitalist,' DiFranco says.

Though she goes through many personal and professional trials in the book, DiFranco says her sheer determination always outweighed her self-doubt. 'Youth is a powerful drug, you know? I was on a mission. So, yeah, I wasn't gonna let anything stop me.'"

(Via Ani DiFranco Talks 'No Walls and the Recurring Dream' Memoir : NPR.)

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