Monday, August 8, 2016

Heartless Bastards / Old 97's (5/18/16)

(Quickly catching up…) I was thrilled to see Heartless Bastards again, and hear Erika’s powerful voice.  The Old 97’s were a real treat as well, a band I’m going to have to find some more time for.

Heartless Bastards (5/18/16)

"The Heartless Bastards and the Old 97’s, two high-energy alt-country acts that defy stereotypes about the genre, have teamed up for a string of East Coast, Midwest and Canada dates throughout May with opener BJ Barham (of American Aquarium). The 'Bastards have built their reputation around Erika Wennerstrom's 'powerhouse vocals that electrify a crowd.' And the Old 97’s singer Rhett Miller tends to sing until he’s hoarse. "

(Via Alt-Country Rockers the Heartless Bastards and the Old 97's Share a Blue-Collar Ethos | Scene and Heard: Scene's News Blog | Cleveland Scene.)

Old 97's (5/18/16)

"They stormed onto the stage with a rousing rendition of 'Nashville,' an upbeat track from their most recent album. And with Miller's patented forearm twirl, they jetted into the equally speedy 'Rollerskate Skinny' and 'Melt Show.' They slowed only a little for their fourth song of the evening, an angsty version of 'Stoned.'"

(Via The Old 97's rock the Beachland Ballroom |

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