Sunday, July 5, 2015

Jacco Gardner / Calvin Love (6/19/15)

I had a hard decision to make this evening.  The Grog Shop was hosting the Heartless Bastards (LOVE her voice!), but the Happy Dog ended up winning my attendance with their dual headliner (in my mind) with Calvin Love and Jacco Gardner.  Sure, I’ve seen Jacco before, but he was worth seeing again - and Calvin’s hazy pop/dance sound is intriguing - and has really grown on me.  I was glad Calvin was up first, because the Happy Dog is notoriously late with their shows.  Calvin was dapper and had a nice groove to him…  Check him out:

Calvin Love (6/19/15)

Calvin Love (6/19/15)

By the time Jacco was taking the stage (1am??), the night was over for me.  I stayed long enough to catch some shots - but would have loved for this to be earlier for me to catch more of his show.

Jacco Gardner (6/19/15)

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