Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Erika Hughes & the Well Mannered (1/9/15)

What a great way to start a new year of live music!  A friend mentioned a show at the Barking Spider, which is what tipped me off to this particular night.  I recruited a friend and we made it a night in Uptown, first having dinner at the Happy Dog @ the Euclid Tavern (still waiting to catch my first show there!).  We then bared the bitter cold to the Barking Spider, though I truly enjoy a snowy evening at the Spider as much I enjoy Summer nights.  

Erika Hughes and the Well Mannered were a group of young musicians from Columbus, OH, though they sounded years beyond their age = superb.  They had an incredible multi-instrumentalist, but that was rivaled by having two strong female vocals.  Oh did I mention they had an upright bass and a full drum set.  This band was packing, and they knew how to play.  The crowd was quite receptive and made for an incredible night of live music.

Erika Hughes and the Well Mannered (1/9/15)

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