Friday, October 3, 2014

Astronautalis / Sarah Jaffe (9/24/14)

I’ve been following Sarah Jaffe for a while, but was surprised with her being paired with Astronautalis.  Seeing them live, it all made sense however.  First opening was Transit, a Canadian rapper (my favorite kind!).  He has some great lyrics… bought his CD for $5.  Wish I would have caught some video.

Transit (9/24/14)

Sarah was admittedly a little sick, but she still performed flawlessly - playing a lot new tracks from her Don’t Disconnect album (I got my vinyl signed!).

Sarah Jaffe (9/24/14)

Astronautalis was great.  While he may be easily compared to other white rappers, I think his talent allows him to stand on his own right.  He’s definitely good looking and knows how to engage an audience!

Astronautalis (9/24/14)

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