Sunday, September 8, 2013

Snowmine (8/30/13)

This show wasn't even on my radar, until the day before.  I had already been planning on Cleveland's Critical Mass bike ride.  I also found some other friends going on the ride were planning on hitting up a show at the Ballroom (Wesley Bright & the Hi Lights).  Not being a huge fan, I checked the tavern performer and was liking from what I heard from Snowmine.  That made for a perfect planI  I could catch the pre-Mass ride on the way from the destination, to the starting point, as they rode right in front of a friend's house that lives near the Beachland!  

IMG 3420

Well, we caught the early (and very fast) group, but didn't quite make the whole trip, stopped at the Stallion for a drink, then went back to Collinwood and finished off the night biking around the area for dinner, where we were able to catch the tail end of CCM!  Ending with Snowmine was just the cherry on top of an excellent night.  I can't say they were amazing, but these guys brought a great energy to the stage, which is always fun to watch.  They have some new stuff coming, that they were trying out.  Sounded good!  Looking forward to the new album.

Snowmine (8/30/13)

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